Mass Cards and Offerings

Whenever the Eucharist is celebrated, it embraces the entire human family, both living and dead.  It cannot be limited to one person or one intention.  Rather, the benefits and effects of each Eucharist are infinite.  Nevertheless, as Catholics, we strongly believe in the value of having a Mass offered for a particular intention.  Such a special intention is presented to the Lord, in addition to the intentions of the whole church, so that those for whom the Mass is offered may participate in a special way in the grace of the Sacrifice of the Mass.  A request can be made that the Mass be offered for someone who has died, for someone who is ill, or for those who face special challenges of difficulties.  A Mass can also be requested as a prayer of thanksgiving to God for graces received.  When a Mass is requested for a particular intention, it is customary to make an offering which is given to the Priest who celebrates the Mass.  Pope Paul VI wrote that “the faithful desiring in a religious and ecclesial spirit to participate more intimately in the Eucharistic sacrifice, add to it a form of sacrifice of their own by which they contribute in a particular way to the needs of the church and especially to the sustenance of her ministers.”  Canon 946 of the Code of Canon Law states:  “Christi’s faithful who make and offering so that Mass can be celebrated for their intention contribute to the good of the Church, and by that offering they share in the Church’s concern for the support of its ministers and its activities.”  The suggested offering is established by the Bishop following consultation with the Bishops of the Province of Atlanta and the Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Savannah.  Having noted the custom in the surrounding dioceses, and considering the needs of the Priests, Bishop Gregory Hartmayer has established that the suggested offering for the celebration of a Mass will be $10.00.